On Aug 3, Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt tweeted on Aug 3, "The Speaker of the Legislature is phoning each member, asking if they will sign on to a letter to support a special session for a 12-week abortion ban."

Good news!

Our voices were heard, and there will be NO special session held. This means abortion rights are safe in Nebraska until January 2023.

Now what?

With no special session being called, things surrounding abortion rights in our state have quieted down. This doesn't mean we should stay quiet. You can keep calling your senator and letting them know how important it is to keep abortion legal.


  1. Find your state senator at this LINK by typing in your zip code.

  2. Click on their webpage link and find their phone number.

  3. Call the phone number and leave this message:

"Hello, my name is _________. I'm a constituent from ______ county, zip code ______. I don't need a response. I DO NOT support any ban on abortion in the state of Nebraska. I believe you will make the right decision to protect the people who elected you by keeping abortion safe and legal in our state. Thank you.

Let our senators know our voices cannot be ignored.

Let them know we will NOT stand for forced birth in Nebraska.