3 Effective Ways to Keep Abortion Legal in your Nebraska Town

Reese Copich / Aug 26, 2022

The turn over of Roe v. Wade in has created tension across the state of Nebraska. Our state senators now have the power to take away our human right to a safe and legal abortion. YOU have the power to change this!

If you are to make a difference and help stop forced birth in Nebraska, we’ve got you covered! Check out these safe and effective tips to make a change in your community now!

  1. Call Your Senator: Contacting your state senator is a great way to let them know that a majority of Nebraskans don’t support an abortion ban. To find your state senator follow this link and follow the script on our website. Make your call now!. If you need your activism to be anonymous or secret, this is a great way to make a change in your community while protecting your identity.

  2. Hold A Vigil: Are you in a place where you feel safe and comfortable taking public action? Hold a vigil! Vigils are a great way to bring attention to a cause while staying peaceful and organized. Currently, No Forced Birth NE vigils are held every Wednesday from 6pm-6:30pm, locations and vigil tips are posted on our website. We have found that keeping vigils short and sweets helps participants save energy for other forms of activism.

  3. Join No Forced Birth NE: Joining NFBNE is a great way to get involved with keeping abortion safe and legal in the state of Nebraska. Don’t know where to start? Sign up through our website and select the action items that interest you and our team will work with you on ways you can get involved depending on your interest and situation.

Thank you for joining the fight to protect abortion in Nebraska!